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About Barbara Summer

  • Stage name: Barbara Summer
  • Age: 32
  • Nationality: Czech
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Fave color: white
  • Fave sex position: missionary
  • Fave food: sushi, Italian food, Czech food
  • Fave drink: red wine
  • Bio:

    About Barbara Summer Started porn career at 2003, the first job was bi scene with two guys, 2003-2004 shooting for small companies in Czech republic, feature dancing in Italy, 2004-2005 working for a different American companies like Zero Tolerance, Vivid, Red Light, Platinum X, Hustler, DVSX, Anabolic, Wicked and many others. 2005 – 2006 starts working for, appeared in,, and many other sites. From 2006 doing Blog for and working for Eromaxx/Orgymax team

About Barbara Summer About Barbara Summer About Barbara Summer

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08.07.2014 Happy Holidays

Dear fans, I would like to wish you happy and fun holidays, enjoy sun and sexy girls on the beach :-) and don’t forgeth to enjoy our site because we always have something new and cool for you! Barbara xoxo

July 8, 2014 2:15 pm by: Barbara SummerLeave a Comment

25.03.2014 Write Me Guys!

Dear blog readers, I have got couple of emails where u been asking if I am still here writing blog, yes I am still here for you and I am willing also to asnwer your qiestions if you have some, so feel free to contact me via this blog! Barbara xoxo

March 25, 2014 1:22 pm by: Barbara SummerLeave a Comment

14.02.2014 Happy Valentine!

I would like to wich you all Happy Valentine day, a lot of love and sex to everybody :-) and if you are not busy for dinner tonight and you are horny, you should definitely join our sites to have some Valentine hot fun! Barbara Summer xoxo

February 14, 2014 3:24 pm by: Barbara Summer2 Comments

29.01.2014 Customer Support

Hello guys, I need a little help from you. To make our services even better, we need to check out how out costumer services are working right now. Sometimes could happen that you cannot receive an answer from customer support because your mail box would consider that as spam and put it to the spam folder. Then there is no fault on our site but u still don’t have your answer. We are wokring on better system right now and I would like to know from you, if you sometimes contact costumer support and if you got an answer and from who, if you not, please let me know to my email: how it works for you and we will definitely solve all problems together. Barbara xoxo

January 29, 2014 3:29 pm by: Barbara Summer7 Comments

Hello my dear friends, I am here for you and I wish you all the best for New year 2014, success in work and also personal life! I am looking forward to your feedback, enjoy! Barbara xoxo

January 6, 2014 1:19 pm by: Barbara Summer15 Comments

17.12.2013 Christmas Holidays

Hello guys, how are you doing berore the biggest holidays in the year?

I actually took two weeks break and realax a bit before I will start again work hard :-) . Hope you are not in big stress looking for some nice presents for you girlsfriends…

I have couple of recommendations for you regarding presents, I think one of the best present what u can give is definitely perfume, I personally love to get perfumes as present and I am pretty sure many other ladies do.

If you are more fearless, you can also try to find some hot lingerie for your girl or for example some hot expensive stockings! U will definitely make her happy and if u love stockings as well u will make happy yourself too!

If you are willing to get really big present, I can definitely recommend some hot luxury car, for example BMW, Mercedes C Class or Audi.

Clothes are definitely welcome as well, but you must be really carefull about the size, maybe u can stell some of clothes from wardrobe and use it for a size example.

Another great present would be shoes – but that is also a bit tricky regarding size.

U want your girlfriend to have fun even you are in a biz travel and be sure there is not a neighbour coming in your bed? Get your woman some good vibrator, she will have fun and will not think about doing nasty stuff when u out.

What about to buy for both of you holidays in the seaside, you will have exotic Christmas and get nice tan…

Nice smartphone or laptop would be great present too, your dear woman will be in touch with you when you are away.

Does your girl loving animals? To buy a puppy is not very smart idea – u must walk him four times a day, what about to buy a cretificate and adopt an animal in ZOO …. would be hot to have a tiger or lion in the ZOO :-) don’t you think?!

I wish you wonderful Christmas shopping :-) ! xoxo Barbara

December 17, 2013 2:42 pm by: Barbara Summer5 Comments

I read one interesting article today about man types, they focused on kind of guys who turns ladies off, because of different reasons…

The first they have mentioned was man who completely hates women and everything about them and always when speaks with woman, he try to insult her. Obviously this guy is kinda sick and must have very hard live, only chance for him is find a woman who is very submissive and who enjoy to be insulted and who don’t care to hear about offences regarding other women.

Personally I cannot stand this kind of guys, same like to feministic thinking women.

Another kind of guy who turns ladies off is kind of critic guy, who is critical about everything, so even in the first day he will complain about having a glass of wine or a sweet cake, because it is not healthy. This kind of guy probably don’t drink and smoke and he think that woman wouldn’t do that to.

Personally – I cannot stand people like this, it is only my problem if I drink or smoke and person who is not able to make compromises is not good to be my partner at all.

Scraper – it is very very turn off for ladies, yes I think one of the biggest problem, because women simply like money and nice stuff, you guys have to think yout that, if u are not able to spend some money for your women, forget that she will enjoy to be with you.

Arogant – this kind of man loves himself and he is the center of world for himself. It is very big turn off for women, because they like attention and they wanna be on the center. Think about that and let ladies to be in the center of attention, they simply love it :-) .

Hope you enjoy my article and comments (regarding this theme) are very welcome. Barbara xoxo

October 30, 2013 4:48 pm by: Barbara Summer4 Comments

15.10.2013 Wet Orgasm

Some girls are able to do very wet orgasm called squirting. Some models are even very f amous about that and some girls don’t know yet that they are able to squirt. Some ladies cannot do this the whole life.

I personally know I am able to squirt – I can make it to myself to let my pussy squirt, but just time to time when I have mood :-) .  I did couple of private live cam shows lately and I did squirt. If you like this kind of wet orgasm, let me know :-) and maybe we can have some fun together!

U can visit my cam and also the other girls the whole week from 2 pm – 2 am on, we are looking forward to chat with you!

October 15, 2013 5:00 pm by: Barbara Summer4 Comments

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