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About Barbara Summer

  • Stage name: Barbara Summer
  • Age: 32
  • Nationality: Czech
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Fave color: white
  • Fave sex position: missionary
  • Fave food: sushi, Italian food, Czech food
  • Fave drink: red wine
  • Bio:

    About Barbara Summer Started porn career at 2003, the first job was bi scene with two guys, 2003-2004 shooting for small companies in Czech republic, feature dancing in Italy, 2004-2005 working for a different American companies like Zero Tolerance, Vivid, Red Light, Platinum X, Hustler, DVSX, Anabolic, Wicked and many others. 2005 – 2006 starts working for, appeared in,, and many other sites. From 2006 doing Blog for and working for Eromaxx/Orgymax team

About Barbara Summer About Barbara Summer About Barbara Summer

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27.12.2010 Happy Holidays!

Dear members, fans and friend of and also myself :-) , I would like to wish you happy winter holidays and all the best for New Year 2011.

I hope that during next year we will bring much more of you closer to our HD Live Shows and you will estimate those shows, because it is definitely very special to watch for example pissing in action LIVE every week or every other week and also much more stuff, including WaM action and also some new themes like “Orgasmatics” for example with beautiful Nessa Devil.

We are running our live program also during the whole holidays, we even had Christmas web cams and how I saw – because I stopped by to say Merry Christmas – many of you were on line there ans enjoyed Daria Glower or Paula doing solo shows or then Jordan Wervest in special boy-girl action with “Santa” :-D .

Also this Friday during the New Years Eve we will be with you, our live program starting at 22:00 and will last till 02:00 1.1.2011 so you will have great chance to spend amazing New Years Eve Party with Leony April, her BF, Jordan and her BF and also sexy Leony’s neighbor Vivien. I think that sounds like a fun party and be sure that will be full of sexy and hot moments and champagne as well!

And that is not it, also between holidays we still run our live program and you can see your fave babes like Walleria or Hana Black TODAY!! Or Paula, Lena Cova, Velvet, Nessa Devil and also myself – Barbara Summer :-) !

Enjoy our site, our videos, picture galleries, live web cams and live shows!!! All this you could see only on, home of Party Hardcore! Barbara Summer xoxo

December 27, 2010 12:56 pm by: Barbara Summer16 Comments

Dear members, I have good news for you, because new Party Hardcore update is on line. It went on line before few seconds :-) and I hope you will like it, because I think this is very exciting part of this party!!!

Party Hardcore!!!

Watch those hot amateur babes in action!!! There is nothing cooler, wilder and more unexpected then this party. The best amateur action on the world, watch it right now, only on!!!

December 21, 2010 5:59 pm by: Barbara Summer11 Comments

Barbara Summer SHOW!!!

Hi guys, hope you had wonderful weekend. I would like to invite you to join my special Live Web Cam show today! I know it is a bit unusual but no worries I will also have one at Wednesday as usual :-) , please consider that as special Christmas present :-) . Hope to see you all on line today from 18:00!!! Barbara xxoo

December 20, 2010 4:50 pm by: Barbara Summer1 Comment

Kety Pearl

And we have another interview for you! I am going to introduce you this sexy brunette Kety Pearl, who you could know from Slime Wave and also from My fetish site, because this hottie made solo My Fetish scene, which is very unusual for this site, but this scene was so hot and sensual that she’s got such a high number of downloads! Let me to bring you closer to this sexy babe! Wanna know more about her? Read her profile and interview bellow!


Stage name: Kety Pearl

Age: 25

Nationality: Czech

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Fave color: red

Fave food: Sushi

Fave drink: White wine

Fave music: rock music

Fave TV show: Friends, Click

Fave animal: dog


What makes you start working in adult industry?

My friend told me about this job and she brought me to the model agency. I found out I like this job so I decided to continue with it…

What was your very first job like?

Five years ago, I have started with one small agency, I made soft-core video and my first experiences were very positive.

How long you plan continue doing this job?

Well, I am doing that already 5 years and I would like to keep doing that about three more years…

What kind of job you did before?

I was bartender, then I was dancer and then I wish to start doing something new.

What was the best experience for you so far?

I think every shoot is great and big experience for me!

Did you have some bad experience?

No, not yet…

What do you think about lesbian action, do you like doing it, is that natural for you and maybe you do it also in your private life?

Lesbian play is very natural for me and I like doing that also in my personal life…

What kind of man turns you on?

I like dark haired and dark skin guys.

Do you have boyfriend?

Not right now…

What about your family and friends, what do they think about your job?

My family respect my job and my friend are standing behind me regarding everything, so also my job…

What is your fave kind of shoot? Would you like to also try working with guys?

My fave stuff are lesbian scenes and live shows, I am not thinking to start working with guys…

Did you have some crazy sex experience in your personal life – some crazy place etc.?

Yes, in the cinema :-) , it was a lot of fun!

What is the biggest different for you between having sex home and on camera?

I definitely love show myself, but in my private life I love intimate atmosphere.

What do you like to do for relax?

I love sports but I also like just relax in sauna or go to get massage.

Kety, thank you very much for interview and I wish you wonderful holidays and all the best for New Year 2011! B.S.

Thank you! Big kisses to all Tainster fans! Watch my scenes and live shows! Merry Christmas to everybody! Kety Pearl xoxo

Interviewed by Barbara Summer 2010

December 16, 2010 3:34 pm by: Barbara Summer4 Comments

Barbara Summer

If you do :-) , you should definitely watch my web cam show tonight! I will be on line waiting for you from 20:00!!!

I will be dressed as secretary and ready to show you hot action with my dildo including also clothes ripping. I will probably wear also some horny satin blouse which will be destroy later. You could send me your requests what you want me to do and will be my pleasure to follow your instructions. Looking forward to see you on line! Barbara Summer xoxo

December 15, 2010 4:47 pm by: Barbara Summer13 Comments

13.12.2010 Selling Shows

Jordan Verwest – BLOUSE SOLD!

Yes! We have also selling shows now in our web cam live studio! Even some of you have dropped here in blog some sarcastic comments regarding this, I think it is very good idea and great chance for all guys who wanna own some pieces of clothing for example from super hot model Jordan Verwest! Yes Jordan sold her orange blouse during her Friday sale show and I am pretty sure that the new owner is very excited from this special Christmas package :-) what is on the way…

About week ago Leony April and Zuzana Z sold their pantyhose and I am sure that is not the last demand we have like this.

!!!! TODAY great chance to buy clothes from Leony April !!!!

Maybe you are interested to have a chance to buy some other model clothes, if so, please let me know via this article, we will definitely help you to get what you want :-) . Barbara Summer xoxo

NOTE: Please leave just comments related with this article.

December 13, 2010 5:35 pm by: Barbara Summer9 Comments

09.12.2010 Note

Dear fans, I just want to let you know that I am going to be away tomorrow, but actually you could reach me tomorrow at the evening in live studio on line :-) . So please don’t be sad I will not moderate your blog comment tomorrow and have a great and sunny weekend! Barbara Summer xoxo

December 9, 2010 6:14 pm by: Barbara Summer3 Comments

09.12.2010 Quiz Result!

Lucy Bell

Hello everybody,

thank you for joining another Tainster Blog Quiz!

We have winner now! I can see that you’ve been pretty confused because these eyes really look kind of like Celine Noiret’s ones BUT they are actually not her. Stemcell congratulation, you are simply Quiz king, because this eyes are really Lucy Bell’s ones :-) ! You are winning DVD from your DVD store and all you others – because Stemcall wasn’t even one who have answered right, no worries I will make more Quiz for you and definitely one big Christmas one :-) where I will add besides DVD also my panties for winner :-) ! Barbara Summer xoxo

4:00 pm by: Barbara Summer3 Comments

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